7 Impressive Twibbon Ideas for Eid Al-Fitr

Eid Al-Fitr is just a few days away. Are you ready to welcome the big day? One way to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr is by sending family photos and wishes to relatives and friends. To make your family photo look much more impressive, consider using various incredible twibbons available on this page.

These twibbons come in simple designs yet have an amazing look. By using the template, you will place your family photo between the frames. These twibbon templates are going to beautify your family photo in just a few steps. Take a look at the amazing designs and choose the best ones for your photo.

Most Impressive Twibbons with Lanterns

Islamic twibbons can be found easily today. There are free websites providing twibbon templates that are going to make your family photo look much more beautiful. Below are some best twibbon templates with Islamic themes you can use to greet some friends on Eid Al-Fitr.

  1. Islamic twibbon with lantern


This high resolution Islamic twibbon comes with a blue color that looks calm and peaceful. There are lanterns hanging from the top of the template. This twibbon is ideal for small families. If the people who will be in the photo are you and your partner, this Islamic twibbon is the best choice.

  1. Purple lantern twibbon


If you like the first twibbon above, then you’ll like this one too. The twibbon will frame your family photo with purple tones. Though it looks simple, the combination of purple shades on the twibbon makes it look elegant as well. Also, it has lanterns, moon, and stars around your photo.

  1. Elegant Islamic twibbon in gold
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Another Islamic twibbon for Eid Al-Fitr you can use is this lantern twibbon that has gold accents around the dark green color. The lanterns have gold color and will add some touches of luxury to the photo you add. The green color is in dark shade and looks calming.

  1. Free green and gold twibbon


The previous twibbon template has accents on top of the twibbon. This one has similar tones and lantern details but it has more spaces for your family photo. If there will be many people in your family photo, this template is going to be an excellent option.

  1. Cute rose gold twibbon


Just like the previous twibbons, this one also has lanterns and stars around the space for family photos. But this one comes in a soft rose gold color that looks so cute and simple at once. This twibbon template is perfect for a smaller family.

  1. White and gold twibbon template


For a family photo that requires a lot of landscape space, this twibbon template is excellent. It has white color and some touches of gold and green framing your Eid Al-Fitr photo.

  1. Lantern twibbon with mosque


Finally, here is another green and gold twibbon template to celebrate your Eid Al-Fitr. What makes this template different is the mosque silhouette at the bottom of the twibbon. The mosque silhouette accentuates the Islamic theme of this twibbon.

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