Free download Twibbon 17 August, Graphic Design Template RI 77th Independence Day

17 Agustus Tahun 45
Itulah Hari Kemerdekaan Kita
Hari Merdeka
Nusa dan Bangsa
Hari Lahirnya Bangsa Indonesia…Merdeka

Have you ever heard the lyrics of the song above? Yes, it is the 17 August song that is often sung by the Indonesian people. August 17th is the day when the Indonesian people commemorate their independence day from colonial rule.

Now, to enliven Independence Day on your social media accounts, be it Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, Teknobgt will share how to create a Graphic Design Twibbon on August 17th, complete with a download link so that it can be stored in HP memory.

Actually, if you are proficient in the world of design and master design programs on a computer/PC such as Photoshop, Coreldraw, Indesign and others, it will be very easy to make Graphic Design Twibbon August 17th. Or you can also use the Canva, Picart application from your Android phone.

Because you are not proficient in designing the August 17 Graphic Design Twibbon template from the software and applications above and also don’t want to be complicated, you can take advantage of existing online twibbon templates. Like the twibbon website that provides templates for making Graphic Design Twibbon August 17th.

How to Make Graphic Design Twibbon August 17th


When in fact, you can make your own Twibbon without mastering editing applications, such as Photoshop or CorelDraw. and you can make it online with the template provided by the twibbon website.

For those of you who are interested, please see how to make Twibbon, which is very easy and practical. [READ FULL HERE]

For the 77th Independence Day LOGO, Plain PNG, CDR, AI and JPEG formats can be downloaded HERE

So, those are some steps on how to make Graphic Design Twibbon August 17th online from an Android phone. Don’t forget to add words with the theme of August 17 as well to beautify the Graphic Design Twibbon August 17 that you upload to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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