Ringtones App that Says Caller’s Name

What if your Smartphone could create a ringtone notification that could automatically say who the sender’s name was on incoming WhatsApp messages?

Surely it will be different and much more functional right? You can do this with the Whatsapp ringtone changer application, and now you can install a ringtone that says the name of the sender.

In addition, this application reads the sender’s name notification for you. so we can know who sent the whatsapp chat and don’t need to check it first.

A feature that is no less interesting is that this Whatsapp ringtone changer application is also equipped with various other interesting features such as announcing the name calling, reading messages on Whatsapp,

This application can also notify battery status, up to location proximity notifications. And also many other customization options.

To be able to change the tone of a WhatsApp message to say the name of the sender of the message, you only need one application, you can first download the application below Here

How to Download And Install the WA Ringtone Application that Says the Sender’s Name

Then you can change it with the following steps

  1. First download the whatsapp ringtone change application above.
  2. after the application is downloaded.
  3. Install and open the application.
  4. Select the language you want to use.
  5. Then allow to access the cellphone.
  6. Select the app notification menu.
  7. check enable.
  8. select, select application.
  9. In the menu there is a choice of applications that you want to activate talk notifications for.
  10. Done, now the application will say the name of the sender according to the one in your cellphone contacts.
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This application is not only used on WhatsApp, you can also use it for other applications too.

>> Download the WA Apps that Says the Name of the Sender <<




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