How to Install the Whatsapp Ringtone Application that Says the Caller’s Name

The Whatsapp application can say nicknames – Unique and fun ringtone customization has become common nowadays. Besides making it easy, funny ringtones certainly make notifications fun

Curious how? Let’s see and follow the steps using an application called Notification Reader: Shouter. This application is what you can use to change the ringtone by mentioning the name of the sender of the message mentioned in the WhatsApp notification.

Notification Reader: Shouter application uses Google’s text-to-speech converter-based technology. That way, WhatsApp notification text can be converted into a voice that can be adapted to the language and dialect you choose.

How to Install and Use the Whatsapp Application can say nicknames

This app allows you to change your voicemail via an advanced customization menu. To change it, here are the steps to make a WA ringtone that can say the name of the sender of the message using Shouter.


  1. Install Notification Reader Application: Shouter on Google Play Store, or click on the following link and then open the application
  2. When the ‘Notification Access (important)’ dialog box appears, then just click ‘Yes’.
  3. Next set the notification access. you click ‘Activate’
  4. Then you can set any application whose notifications you want this Shouter to read.
  5. Then, select the ‘Select App’ menu
  6. Next, check ‘WhatsApp’ so that their system reads the name of the sender of the message, phone call, and video call.

Well, now, you have finished setting up incoming notifications on WhatsApp or WA by mentioning the sender’s name. If you want a better sound, you can manage your language and speaking style. You can open the settings in ‘App Notification’ > Select ‘Customize your voice notification message’.

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In addition to mentioning the name of the sender of the message / call on WhatsApp, this application can also broadcast notification of battery level while charging, read notifications for various types of applications, nearby locations on the map, missed calls, read texts and voice alarms. Complete isn’t it?

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