7 Eid Al-Fitr Twibbons with Fresh Templates

MD: Eid Al-Fitr twibbons come in various designs and color themes. These are the most refreshing twibbon templates you should consider.

People are looking for twibbons to frame their photo. After being framed with twibbon, the photo is ready for Instagram post. Some people also use their photo with twibbon to send wishes to friends and family or to upgrade their profile picture. Now, you will need Eid Al-Fitr twibbons with fresh templates.

Why do you need twibbons that have fresh templates? Because people are now staying at home because of the pandemic. Fresh themed twibbons are going to make your photo look fresher and will also refresh anyone who sees it. Ready to add some twibbons to your Eid photo?

Best Twibbons with the Freshest Templates

Fresh templates are dominated with green color. So green themed Eid twibbon templates will be our focus today. Below are seven best Eid Al-Fitr twibbons you can choose to frame your family photo to welcome the big moment that will come in less than a week.

1.    Green mosque twibbon


The first Eid Al-Fitr twibbon comes with Happy Eid Mubarak written on the top corner of the twibbon. The colors that are used in this template are green in various shades. If you have your own wishes for friends and family, this simple green mosque twibbon is the right template to consider.

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2.    Green and gold twibbon


Another fresh twibbon template to consider is the green and gold Eid Al-Fitr template. This twibbon comes with a green background and some elements in gold color. Light lantern, mosque silhouette, and sun are all in gold.

3.    Eid Mubarak twibbon

Though the background of this twibbon template is dark green, it looks elegant with a rose gold light lantern on the corner and a drum at the bottom of the template. This is a typical template you can find on many greeting cards during Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr.

4.    Green tosca twibbon template


Now there is a more feminine twibbon template to welcome Eid Al-Fitr. This template comes in tosca green color and it has some elements on top of the template. Your family photo will be in the middle of the template.

5.    Green cartoon template for kids


If your kids want to send a virtual greeting card for their friends, use this green cartoon twibbon template. It has a green background color, light lanterns on top of the template, and some cartoon illustrations at the bottom of the twibbon template.

6.    Green and yellow twibbon template


Combination of green and yellow is not only refreshing but also elegant at once. This template has light green color as the main color with some simple lines in yellow. The green light lanterns make the twibbon look much more beautiful. The space for photos is huge enough to accommodate your family.

7.    Luxury green twibbon design

Finally, there is a luxury twibbon design for those who are interested in creating an Eid photo with an elegant look. This wonderful twibbon template has some touch of soft gold at the bottom and on top of the template. Which template are you going to use for Eid Al-Fitr this year?

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