Universal Printer Driver Features, Specs, and How It Works


Universal printer driver Canon is a cloud-based service developed by Microsoft to provide easy and secure printing experiences. This service allows you to move key Windows Server print infrastructure into Microsoft 365 cloud so that it can reduce time. That’s why you can get faster printing results.

Printing documents can be performed from Microsoft cloud. The drivers for Universal print becomes a standard feature in Windows 10 so that you don’t need to install it in your device. This service also doesn’t require printer servers. Thus, you can reduce printing costs and workload on the network admins.

Universal Printer Driver Canon Features


Universal Print features simple print management that allows you to experience extended functionality. Thanks to the uniFLOW security, accounting, and authentication that applied to this service. There is also no end user training which means that user experience remains the same without additional training.

It features better IT workflow too. Using this printing service will ease your burden on IT as well as infrastructure management. It is due to the simplified registration process that is combined with single generic driver. It supports 100 percent cloud to reduce costs and create a serverless environment.

Whenever you use Windows devices, the printers can be identified easily so you can continue to perform any printing tasks based on your needs. There is no connector required in the printing process, especially for printers that come in imageRUNNER ADVANCE models.

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Universal Printer Driver Canon Specifications


The specifications of Universal Printer covers several Windows including M365 Enterprise, M365 Education, M635 Business premium, and both Windows 10 Education and Enterprises.

1. Native

Supported printers enable to connect natively to Universal Print if the device you use have a legal Microsoft 365 subscription. If so, you don’t need any local Windows or manufacture driver to support the connection. There is no additional software needed to connect the printer with this service.

2. Connected

If your device cannot connect natively to the Universal Print, you can use a Universal Print Connector provided by the Microsoft. This connector comes with Windows application that is able connect legacy devices to the Universal print service from Microsoft.

3. Extend

Universal Print also applies uniFlow Online that support connection between your devices with any Canon products. You also can enhance the features and functionality of this service through performing secure printing, complete accounting, and getting support for users whose device runs other types like Mac.

Download Universal Printer Driver Canon


Unlike other Canon printers that require you to do free download of particular drivers, Universal Print gives you the opportunity to print any documents without driver. It is because the drivers are already embedded on the Windows 10.

Hence, you need to make sure your device running Windows 10 operating system to experience all the benefits of this service. However, if your device is not running compatible operating system, you can use Universal Print Connector with its Windows app to enjoy this great printing experience.

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Universal printer driver Canon enables you to print with no printer driver installation needed as it applies cloud-based system. This becomes a great option if you for more efficient and budget-friendly printing tasks.

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