Monitor Driver HP Compaq Download Links (CQ1569, CQ1859, CQ2159, etc)


Great graphics are the reason why many people choose to use a monitor, like gamers. One of the most recommended monitor brands is HP. However, before you can use this monitor, you need to install monitor driver HP first.

HP has become a brand of electronic devices, especially gadgets that are able to provide the best quality for each of its products. That’s why almost all HP products are highly recommeded to be used for both personal and office needs, like the monitor.

Monitor Driver Features


HP driver is system components for controlling external computer devices. So, the driver is able to help the operational system to communicate with certain devices. Of course, without drivers, the HP monitor can’t function properly.

One of the most sought after HP drivers today is the HP N240 IPS 24. This monitor deatures a 3-sided micro-edge design with a thin frame character. That’s why this laptop is so suitable for dual display setups. In addition, the transition bertween screens is also very seamless.

Actually for monitor, HP is never playful. This monitor series includes a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Interestingly, this monitor is also equipped with low blue light display technology so that it can reduce the intensity of blue light from the LED.

Monitor Driver HP Specifications


Apart from being equipped with the latest features, HP monitors also have specifications that other types of monitors out there don’t necessarily have. Of course, you can use all the features and specifications of the HP monitor properly if you have installed the driver first.

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1. Various Screen Resolution

HP offers so many resolution variants. Starting from HD, FHD, QHD to UHD resolutions. That way, you can choose for yourself which one best suits your needs. Maybe if you want to get a large screen quality and are very pro gamers, you should choose the UHD.

2. Refresh Rate and Time Response

Various monitors issued by HP already have refresh rate with speeds reaching 60 Hz, 144 Hz and 165 Hz. The higher the refresh rate produced, the more it will be able to produce a smoother experience. For the time response monitor, you should choose the -5 ms to 1 ms.

3. Input  

When choosing a monitor, you also have to know the input and make sure it fits your needs. For example, to play games. You should choose a monitor with HDMI input. Not only that, you can also choose the AUX output and USB port for additional speaker.

Download Monitor Driver HP


Same like printer HP 8600, you can’t directly use the HP monitor if you have not installed the driver. Therefore, you must download the driver and install it. To make it easier for you to download the driver, you should click on some of the links below.

Compaq CQ1569Download Link
Compaq CQ 1859Download Link
Compaq Q2159Download Link
Campaq Q2022Download Link
Compaq S2021Download Link

It is not difficult to download monitor driver HP. You just have to choose one from the list of the links. By installing, then you can directly use the monitor. For example, to play favorite game. HP monitor can certainly be your best choice.

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