Driver HP Laserjet 1536DNF MFP Latest Version for Windows


One type of printer that is recommended is the HP Laserjet 1536dnf MFP. But, so that you can use it well, then you need to install the driver HP Laserjet 1536DNF MFP first. To install it, of course you have to download it via link.

As the name implies, this is a multifunction printer that can provide extraordinary benefits for its users. Document printing needs can be faster and more practical. Thus, whatever your work can be done well. It makes this printer also very suitable for all needs, both personal and office.

Driver HP Laserjet 1536DNF MFP Features


For those of you who are confused about choosing which is the best printer to complete work with the Laserjet type, then you can choo HP Laserjet 1536DNF MFP. This printer has very good features. One of them is able to print two sides or duplex.

This printer is also known as a multifunction printer, same as HP Laserjet 1020. It is because this printer is able to scan documents, print, copy and send faxes very easily and pratically. The print quality of the document certainly doesn’t need to be doubted. Of course, it’s also very economical.

This black and white printer is certainly highly recommended for office and small business needs. Besides being practical and versatile, of course this printer is also lightweight. The price is relatively affordable. Make sure you have installed the driver correctly before starting to use this printer.

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Driver HP Laserjet 1536DNF MFP Specifications


Equipped with qualified specifications, of course, making this printer more popular with many people. These best specifications also support it as the best solution for printing documents for office and small business needs.

1. Maximum Resolution

This printer has a fairly high maximum resolution of 600 x 600 dpi. Of course, it is very good for the type of printer that can indeed be used for double-sided or duplex printing, copier, scan and fax. You can compare this specification with other similar printers.

2. Capacity and Print Speed

The tray feeder capacity of this printer reaches 250 sheets with a black and white print speed of 25 ppm. It makes this printer also superior to other types of printes. No wonder this printer is highly recommended for office use.

3. Transfer Size and Fax Page Memory  

Did you know that the specifications of this printer are really good. The maximum displacement size alone is able to reach 216 x 356 mm2 with power consumption in standby conditions reaching 4.7 w. Meanwhile, its fax page memory is 400.

Download Driver HP Laserjet 1536DNF MFP


The best printer for your office and small business needs HP Laserjet 1536DNF MFP, of course, you can only use if you have installed the driver. If you want to install it, then you can directly download the file first via the following links.

Download LinkHP Laserjet 1536DNF MFP Driver 1
Download LinkHP Laserjet 1536DNF MFP Driver 2

So, that you can use this best black and white printer, then you should install driver HP Laserjet 1536DNF MFP. It’s very easy to install. You can directly click the link listed in the column and immediately start the download.

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